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PLEASE NOTE: This purchase is for a downloadable PDF copy of the piece. You will NOT receive a hard copy shipped to your address. Hard copy from Edition Svitzer coming soon!


Watch the video of me playing Spring first:


Spring is the third work of SIMPLE SOLOS VOL. 1 [ SEASONS ], a collection of four simple miniatures which reflect the emotions evoked by the four seasons. I wrote SIMPLE SOLOS to not only give developing students a chance to play interesting pieces that help build their technique and musicality, but also to challenge myself to make complex music while deliberately placing limits on what techniques I am allowed to use.


As they all share a similar underlying style, the four works from SIMPLE SOLOS VOL. 1 [ SEASONS ] can be performed as standalone pieces, or all four works together in order (Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer) as one continuous multi-movement work.


Spring evokes imagery of bright green and pink, as the cold winter fades away to give way to sunshine and flowers. Its singing nature as a chorale details the sunlight as it shines through the gaps in tree leaves.


Spring is a solo that can be used for both developing students' technical practice as well as a peaceful interlude in a typical recital program consisting of more advanced pieces. The key technique used in Spring is chorale-style rolling, with open tonal chords being used to create sustaining and song-like melodies.


Spring allows the performer to focus on chorale accuracy, stamina and voicing in a simple yet challenging manner.


Spring requires a 3.0 octave or higher marimba. You will receive one (1) PDF file with the score. You can also purchase all four pieces of SIMPLE SOLOS VOL. 1 [ SEASONS ] in one set for a lower price!


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Spring, for solo marimba (3.0 octave)

  • Four-mallet marimba solo (3.0 octave)

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