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Loosely based on my own story as a content creator, Skyward (翱, ao) is a personal reflection on the idea of pursuing dreams, whether its getting a dream job, succeeding at a new lifestyle, or finding someone special in your life. The title Skyward represents the idea of always looking 'skyward' towards dreams that appear lofty, before realising that they can be reached.

Skyward's main theme remains constant throughout the work, but is varied in different degrees as the work progresses. The theme begins soft and spacious, as we set off on pursuing our 'dream', before developing to a light and bouncy compound time variation of the first theme, an indication of how it feels to see the first positive results of our work. The theme then runs into a bridge with heavy triple laterals, reflecting on the countless times adversity strikes and sows seeds of uncertainty on the 'dream' that is being pursued, before
emerging into the first climactic octave section, where two keys clash together to represent overcoming increasingly difficult situations as the 'dream' gets closer to realisation. The final climactic octave section features majestic and powerful open octaves and arpeggios, where the 'dream' has been reached. The octave section then closes down into a soft reflection of the very first theme but in a new key, showing that although we have flown skyward to achieve the 'dream', we are still the same person on the inside.


Skyward requires one 5.0 octave marimba (cannot be transcribed for 4.3 octave or lower). You will receive one (1) PDF score of Skyward.


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Skyward was premiered by Adam Tan at:

Percussion All-Stars Season Three, Spring 2019

Callaway Music Auditorium, UWA Conservatorium of Music

30 November 2019

Skyward, for solo marimba (5.0 octave)

  • Four-mallet solo (5.0 octave)

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