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PLEASE NOTE: This purchase is for a downloadable PDF copy of the piece. You will NOT receive a hard copy shipped to your address. Hard copy from Edition Svitzer is available here.


Watch the live performance of Kana and I playing Osaka Groove first:


Osaka Groove is an energetic and driving duo with a strong groove, yet laid-back in its feel and whimsical nature based on the nature of the Japanese city of Osaka. This dichotomy in Osaka Groove represents Osaka's thriving and bustling metropolis that often counterbalances with its more relaxing and friendly culture. With this in mind, I wrote this piece for my friend Kana Omori in 2023 as a celebration of two events - Kana's long-awaited return to my home city of Perth as a faculty artist for Marimbafest 2023, and the news that Kana was now a professor at her alma mater, the Osaka College of Music.


Kana's style of performing was an inspiration for the feel of Osaka Groove - a Latin-style groove base with J-pop style chord structures and harmonies, energised by classical percussion style cross rhythm and complexity. Kana often performs works and covers like Jounetsu Tairiku, Senbonzakura and Gurenge with incredible flair and dynamism while on stage, so this energy is replicated by both parts in Osaka Groove. Both parts contain flashy 32nd note runs that juxtapose with satisfying unison chordal blocks, making this an ideal duo work for anyone looking to go all out in their ensemble performance practice.


Osaka Groove is also written for two 4.3 octave marimbas, making it more accessible for anyone looking to play 'big' duos with a smaller setup.


Osaka Groove was written for Kana Omori and world premiered by Kana Omori and Adam Tan at Marimbafest 2023 Concert #4: SAKURA (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, 7 July 2023).


Osaka Groove requires two 4.3 octave marimbas (cannot be transposed to smaller marimbas). You will receive one (1) PDF file with the full score and both Marimba 1 and Marimba 2 parts.


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Osaka Groove, for marimba duo (4.3 octave)

  • Four-mallet marimba duo (4.3 octave)

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