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PLEASE NOTE: This purchase is for a downloadable PDF copy of the piece. You will NOT receive a hard copy shipped to your address. This is an online exclusive release so there is no hard copy edition.


Watch the video of Therese and I playing Little Things first:


Little Things is my first 'miniature duo', a short work for two marimbists that was created
against the backdrop of millions worldwide going into home quarantine due to the
COVID-19 pandemic of 2019-2020. This quarantine gave a new meaning to the lives of
many performing artists around the world, who now had to find new ways of sharing their

As the quarantine went on, I found myself increasingly appreciating the 'little things' that I
had previously taken for granted, like going outside to see the sky and the sun, being
able to hang out with friends, or even just spending more time at home with my loved
ones. When all of the bustle of modern life is taken away, the 'little things' suddenly
become more important.

Little Things embodies this through its extremely short and simple nature, beginning with
a simply accompanied theme, before being embellished and buried in various harmonic
textures. The players quickly head out of the textural B theme with a return to the simple
A theme, before emerging on a celebratory triplet unison run, finishing on a softened
tonic chord of unity.

Little Things will eventually form part of a larger collection of 'miniature duos' designed for
players who would like to develop their duo ensemble skills with each other.


Little Things requires two 4.3 octave marimbas (Marimba 1 may be played on 4.0 octave if necessary). You will receive one (1) PDF file with the full score, the Marimba 1 part and the Marimba 2 part.


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Little Things was premiered online by Adam Tan and Therese Ng on 1st May 2020.
For the first time in my collection, this is a work that can be performed easily by two
people anywhere in the world, as it is easy to pick up and coordinate. As we were abiding
by social distancing regulations, Therese and I filmed our parts in two separate videos
and edited them together to produce the final performance. You may choose to perform
this as a live performance or as a pre-recorded version as well.

Little Things, for marimba duo (4.3 octave)

  • Four-mallet marimba duo (4.3 octave / 4.3 octave) 

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