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Purchasing this will give you download links to a soft copy PDF which you can print out - NOT a hard copy score.


Check out the video of the Marimbafest 2023 Faculty and Staff Team performing this work virtually (Master Christopher, Rosie Cerquone, Ivan Trevino, Dr Matthew Lau, Kana Omori, Robert Oetomo, Dr Paul Tanner, Mercedes Slack-Smith, Adam Tan, Carissa Soares, Maddie Colvin, Joey Eng, Gabby Lee, Tim White OAM):


Beautiful World... Of Dreams And Wonder... has 12 parts, which means it can be performed either as a virtual ensemble work of 1-24 players, or as a live percussion ensemble work of 12-24 players.


Beautiful World... Of Dreams And Wonder... was originally written as a pre-recorded video work for the Marimbafest 2023 Faculty and Staff Team as a way of virtually bringing together everyone's percussion specialisations into one work.


The varied and unusual combination of instrumentation highlights the diverse skillsets of the Faculty and Staff Team, who range from marimba specialists, to vibraphone virtuosos, pop percussionists, masters of spoken word, to orchestrally trained percussionists and composers, which reflects the exciting and ever-changing landscape of the global percussion community.


The spoken text for Beautiful World... Of Dreams And Wonder... was written by me and represents the first time I have set any of my music to written text. The text follows a poem structure, with chapters that reflect the title of the work - "A Beautiful World", "Dreams", "Wonder" and "Our Beautiful World". The subject matter refers to the constant struggles and sometimes uphill battle for fair and equitable representation of minority groups in the percussion world, such as BIPOC, women and non-binary, LGBTQIA+, disabled and others who are often excluded through systemic or other discriminatory devices.


Beautiful World... Of Dreams And Wonder... has the following parts:

  • Narrator (1 player) - Intermediate
  • Voice (1 player, singer) - Intermediate
  • Bells (1-2 players, glockenspiel or crotales) - Intermediate
  • Vibraphone (1-3 players) - Advanced
  • Marimba 1 (Chords) (1-3 players) - Intermediate
  • Marimba 2 (Accompaniment, treble) (1 player) - Advanced
  • Marimba 3 (Accompaniment, bass) (1-2 players) - Intermediate
  • Snare Drum (Dry) (1 player) - Advanced
  • Cajon (1 player) - Advanced
  • Suspended Cymbal (1-3 players) - Easy
  • Bass Drum (1-3 players) - Easy


Parts may be doubled or tripled as specified above in both virtual and live performances.


You will receive one (1) PDF with the score and all parts of Beautiful World... Of Dreams And Wonder... as a digital download. You can also download a free click track at at any time (under FREE DOWNLOADS SECTION).


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Beautiful World... Of Dreams And Wonder... was premiered at IDENTITY, the first concert of Marimbafest 2023, by the Marimbafest 2023 Faculty and Staff Virtual Ensemble on Sunday 2nd July 2023.

Beautiful World... Of Dreams And Wonder... for virtual/live percussion ensemble

  • Percussion ensemble, voice and narrator (12 parts - either 1-24 players (virtual ensemble) or 12-24 players (live ensemble))

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